Casa de Luna is the home of Terrie and Joe Anderson. By chance, they discovered their home was near the Pacific Crest Trail and that they really liked the people who hike that trail every year. Some hikers will choose to stay a bit, hang out and enjoy the upbeat atmosphere at Casa de Luna.

In addition to allowing hikers to rest a bit, Joe and Terrie maintain a set of water caches in what is a very dry section of the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a lot of work hauling the water out to the trail, but they do it with a smile.



  1. Terrie good to talk with you this morning. Neat website. Pretty main stream site though Joe for a retired hippie! Next time you are snowed in, just fire upo the old cutter and lay a few tiles for old times sake. Terrie said you heard fromthe headof the Tile Crew last year. Slim really new his stuff. I am up through Mt Shasta and will go from there to Mt Hood this summer. Still looking for slacking opportunities, but they are few and far between. Nothing like my time with you! Later, The Colonel

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