Game On!

It seems like only weeks ago that the ’08 PCT thruhikers began rolling in. We have just bid farewell to our 6th and 7th hikers of the ’09 season! We have one coming in today, that we know of, and in 2 weeks there’ll be a madhouse of hiker trash kickin’ it at the “Casa”.

Can’t wait to meet this year’s collection of trail characters! There will be several “repeat offenders” as usual, and a host of new friends to meet and add to the growing list of our “Hiker Family”.

It’s time to get outside and tidy up the manzanita forest campground. The unusually heavy snow this winter did some damage to several trees out back and the grasses and weeds are thigh high.

Speaking of the campsites,there will be some very cool “Eagles Nest Outfitters”hammocks set up for napping or sleeping, that have been donated to Casa de Luna by Sean Doud aka “Leprechuan”! Boone slept in one last night and said it was incredibly comfortable!

Well, time to go cache some water. I’ll take Boots with me if I can pry him away from his computer. Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening at Casa de Luna. C’mon by if you’re in the area and hang out at the Lunatic Lounge. You’ll be glad you did!



  1. Hi guys –
    You might remember me I was camped next to you at the kick off this year. I was thinking of comming up and visiting Case de Luna. I’ve tried finding the address – but no luck.

    At camp I was curious as to how Casa deLuna all started – when asking you told me I’d have to come by to hear the story. I’d love to hear how it all about it. Can you please provide me with your address. I live in Burbank and would like to make a day trip.

    Hope to hear from you soon

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