Posted by: joedaddy | May 9, 2009


It seems like only weeks ago that the ’08 PCT thruhikers began rolling in. We have just bid farewell to our 6th and 7th hikers of the ’09 season! We have one coming in today, that we know of, and in 2 weeks there’ll be a madhouse of hiker trash kickin’ it at the “Casa”.

Can’t wait to meet this year’s collection of trail characters! There will be several “repeat offenders” as usual, and a host of new friends to meet and add to the growing list of our “Hiker Family”.

It’s time to get outside and tidy up the manzanita forest campground. The unusually heavy snow this winter did some damage to several trees out back and the grasses and weeds are thigh high.

Speaking of the campsites,there will be some very cool “Eagles Nest Outfitters”hammocks set up for napping or sleeping, that have been donated to Casa de Luna by Sean Doud aka “Leprechuan”! Boone slept in one last night and said it was incredibly comfortable!

Well, time to go cache some water. I’ll take Boots with me if I can pry him away from his computer. Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening at Casa de Luna. C’mon by if you’re in the area and hang out at the Lunatic Lounge. You’ll be glad you did!

Posted by: joedaddy | April 14, 2009

Trail Angeling Trail Angels

We had the greatest time trail angeling for the Sauffley’s last week. They hiked in and were only going to stay for a couple of hours. They got sucked into the vortex and left the next day. It happens to the best of hikers. We had our first taco salad of the year,pancakes too. Joe even got Jeff to go and play some frisbee golf. We love the Sauffley’s. Next time they will have to stay a two day minimum. Love to All Terrie

Posted by: joedaddy | February 13, 2009

More Snow @ The Casa

We’ve seen some strange weather this winter here in the hills of the southern California desert. Today (2/13) I’m sitting here watching the second big snow of the winter (big for us), sadly facing the fact that my sweet wife Terrie, yes the same one you know and love as well, will not make it home tonight because she got SNOWED OUT! Yep, when she went to work this morning, it was barely raining. By noon it had begun to snow but wasn’t sticking at all. After about an hour or so of steady, small, rainy, snow, I called Terrie to tell her that the road over the hill might be getting more snow and maybe she should think about coming home early to avoid getting stuck on the other side. I decided to drive up to the top of San Francisquito cyn. rd. to see how much snow had fallen there. I had BARELY made it to the trail crossing about half way up when I was forced to turn back. I skillfully (ha ha) turned the van around and headed back DOWN the now very slippery road. When I got home I immediately called Terrie only to have her calling me at the same time. she called to inform me that she was in no way getting over the hill (her birthday WAS just a week ago) and was going to her friend Sharon’s house to wait it out. So, here I sit. Listening to some awesome Pandora Radio, drinking a Stone IPA, and wondering what I should do tonight? Home alone. The remote in MY hand. Watching the snow fall. I did say I was sad didn’t I? More later ………..

Posted by: casadeluna | January 28, 2009

Our New Web Home!

Casa de Luna is now online! When you can’t enjoy the madness in Green Valley, you can bask in our lunar madness online.

Welcome to our new virtual home!